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Taking a Small Bite Out of the Big Apple

Updated: May 19, 2020

New York is a fascinating place. I wouldn’t describe it as romantic. There are massive piles of garbage everywhere you look, regardless of the median income of the neighborhood. People. People everywhere. All the time. Always awake, always moving. I would describe it as filthy, busy, occasionally frightening and yet still compelling and beautiful in its own way. None of these descriptives are meant to be an insult to New York. On the contrary, they might even be considered compliments, because even though those were my first thoughts about the city as I road in the back seat of my taxi soaking in the smoggy air, I still recognized the magic in it. The things that are generally considered to be negative don’t detract from the magic and beauty of New York City.

There’s an interesting correlation here between this insomniatic city and marketing. Any good marketer worth their salt will stick with a client through good or bad. Take what is negative and allow people to see the good in it. Sometimes seeing the good in a situation is difficult. Sometimes it may even seem impossible. I can assure you; however, that it is always there. It’s our job to pull it out, shine it up, and show it to the world.

Marketing is New York City. It’s diverse and ever changing. Never sleeping. Never slowing down. The love that people have for the big apple is fierce. Even when it knocks them down and gives them an unexpected punch to the abdomen, they stay loyal. This city is a compelling study of human nature. That same taxi driver shared his love for New York as we road raged our way through graffiti and trash-lined streets. He proudly stated that he’s lived here his entire life and would never consider moving. He works 7 days a week. He can’t afford to stop working because the city is so expensive, and yet he stays steadfast in his resolution that he will never leave.

Find a way to access that passion. That unwavering loyalty. Use it for your clients in an honest and authentic way and your grand plans are sure to succeed.

Because marketing is New York City.

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