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Road Trip to Roswell

Updated: May 19, 2020

Visiting Roswell is like stepping into a nostalgic 90's sitcom that you never want to leave. Bright colorful buildings line the streets with weather-worn alien statues strategically placed all around the city for tourist photo ops. Rock gardens and withered cactus plants dot the landscape, making it feel run-down in a homey and welcoming way.

Arriving on the first day of the annual UFO festival was a lucky happenstance that only added to the appeal of the last minute road trip. Main street Roswell businesses went all out with painted window displays and, of course, more photo ops. Vendors in sequin vests and local SciFi authors pitched their wares with passion and enthusiasm to anyone walking within ten feet of their booth. As the summer desert heat increased over the course of the day, soda and margarita vendors selling soda flattened by the heat and weak vodka mixes in $20 clay pots rejoiced as they ran out of stock

Venturing down side streets and into the various buildings brought on more feelings of sentiment with the aged and tattered museum displays and even a tiny black light adventure complete with painted footprints and tiny floating aliens on strings. I decided then that I loved Roswell. The people were friendly and welcoming. They didn’t seem to mind the painted green bodies and silly antennae headbands. They almost seemed to relish the quixotic festival filling their town with alien hunters and true believers.

- Roswell Gets It -

No matter how many cobwebs gather on their alien displays or how many times they have to repaint their rusted outdoor statues, the residents there understand that people continue to visit year after year because they want to feel like they’re a part of something larger than the small story of their lives. They want to step into tales of mystery and conspiracy and perhaps they’ll even notice something everyone else overlooked for decades.

Take a few marketing tips from Roswell. They’ve managed to tell the same story with the same props over and over again for decades and people still come out in droves to hear about it. Make your consumers feel like they’re an integral part of your story and they’ll continue coming back, year after year. Rock it like Roswell marketers. That’s where you’ll find success.

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