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I Bet You Think This Blog is About You

Updated: May 19, 2020

I’m selfish. Before you snicker at me with a knowing look on your face, remind yourself that you are too. Selfishness is one of the most difficult things to balance in life. It takes constant work. Contrary to popular belief, children don’t make you less selfish (so wipe those smug looks off your faces, parents of the world). Many parents have children for incredibly selfish reasons. They don’t want to be alone or they want someone in their life that they believe will always love them; neither of which take a child’s welfare and the potential parent’s ability to care for them into account.

We all view the world from a skewed perspective of our own making, then act surprised when other people look at things from their own equally skewed points of view. None of us are blameless. The problems arise when we believe in those personal perspectives so vehemently that we lose sight of logic in relationships and the needs of others, both business and personal.

Relationships by their very nature are personal. We strive for balance, yet struggle with compromise. Desire partnership, but not concession. Relinquishing parts of ourselves and the things we hope for is a foreign concept that we don’t want to embrace. So where does that leave us?

- In relationships, unfulfilled. In business, unsuccessful and immovable. -

Selfishness will always live inside each and every one of us. It’s human nature. It should not; however, become all consuming. Take control of selfishness and view it from a healthy perspective. Selfishness isn’t any more evil or ruinous than money or power. How we handle it is the issue. So take “evil” out of the narrative. None of those things are evil; they’re often abused and used for evil and labeling them in that way is an easy way to misdirect blame. Money and power change the world, many times for good. Selfishness can benefit the world as well, as contradictory as it may seem.

Selfishness pushes you to grow beyond an undesirable family history. To start a business, write a story, build an invention. It pulls you out of your comfort zone to pursue dreams and passions that can change the world. Selfishness lives at the heart of charities, reformations, and big ideas. The healthiest and most functional relationships embrace it and the most successful businesses thrive on it. Why? Because they figured out the balance. They’re putting their oxygen mask on first, because they understand that that’s the only way they can truly help anyone else if the plane is going down.

Don’t shy away from the things that make you uncomfortable simply because they’re hard to acknowledge or have an honest conversation about. Have the hard conversation. Embrace it and use it to change the world around you. Selfishness isn’t a dirty word. It’s a tool. Use it wisely.

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